Brand new RISD web site!

2nd Life now has an official RISD domain - 2ndlife.risd.edu just up today!

Soon there will be more information about what 2nd life is, maybe a more unique interface. If you have any ideas or opinions about what our website could use please leave a comment, or feel free to email.

Some existing ideas, with no current realism include:
- a classifieds page for used materials pertinent to the RISD community;
- an inventory list (with pictures?) of what is currently in the trailer;
- having some manner of membership to 2nd life to encourage trading...

What do you think?


#5 Recycling comes to RI

For all you avid recyclers, (and I hope that means you!) rejoice, now #5 plastics are being accepted for recycling at your local Whole Foods. #5 plastics are used for packaging such staples as yogurt, butter, and sour cream to name a few.

In the state of RI all #1 PETE and #2 HDPE plastics are accepted recycling, but #5 PP had always been regular trash and sent to the landfill. This is a new program called Gimme 5 by the companyPreserve. Read RISD EHS head, Alan Cantara's original post on two.risd.edu

For those of you who can't make the hike to the Whole Foods on N. Main St, or on Waterman- good news- 2nd Life is going to have a depository to take them for you! Whatever you do, don't throw your #5's away! (Brita filters too!)



Did you know...

Risd participates in this 10- week recycling challenge for colleges. During the first months of the year our recycled goods are collected and counted specifically for this public record of how we compare to over 100 other schools worldwide, and from all 50 states. See how we rank: RISD's stats

This competition reminds us to be particularly careful about what we throw away, every bottle counts to boost our ranking. Think about that next time you choose the bottled water versus tap for lunch!


2nd in the news!

Check it out---
2nd Life has been published in this month's issue of Campus magazine

Copies are available free of charge in the lobby of 15 West, around campus, or click on the image above. Learn what 2nd Life has been able to do in the local community, and right here at RISD!


For the rest of winter...

I know there are only so many days left for wintersession, but here's the neat poster for hours you may have seen around campus.

The 2nd Life trailer- now located permanently at the river front, is getting all the upgrades needed to be a more regularly functioning space. We have electricity! Yes, it is the little things in life that really make all the difference. Now we have a space heater so that the students working can remain defrosted, and those of you who stop by can get a needed break from the wind outdoors.