You may have noticed that the 2nd Life trailer in the ISB lot is looking a little discombobulated. This is because we are preparing to move into the NEW TRAILER! The shelving has been swapped and we are in the process of setting up so that 2nd Life can run smoother than ever!

The new trailer is located just down the alleyway between the ISB and Design Center fronting the river walk. This space is sunny and easily accessed, with room for us to open up and spread out. It is an exciting location adjacent to the risd:store so you can fulfill all your new and used art supply needs in one place.

Thanks to all your generous donations from the tag sales and daily swaps we are able to add much needed features in the new trailer. We are working now on setting things up and will hopefully move before the end of the fall semester. Keep checking this site for updated information; we will be sure to announce our progress.

So please bear with us as we make this transition- the new 2nd Life location is going to be great!


Sidewalk Sale at the Riverfront

We're having a huge sale this weekend at our new trailer (adjacent to the risd:store). EVERYTHING MUST GO! There's gonna be a great selection of useful stuff this time. Spread the word, and bring a friend.

Starts at 1pm, this Saturday, October 18th!


2nd Life is Now Open

We've begun our regular fall schedule, as you may have seen by the posters up around campus. We have some great improvements planned for our new waterfront trailer, but we need your help.

We're asking for a very small donation if you decide to take something from the trailer. It's optional, but any money we receive will be going to improving the quality of our trailers and services. Alternately, we'll keep on record when you bring something to donate. You can accumulate points for things you've given us, which you can use towards other items in the trailer.

The Hours (in case you missed them):
Mondays 11am-1pm
Wednesdays 11am-1pm
Saturdays 1pm-4pm

Don't hesitate to email us your questions or comments, or you can leave a thought right here on the blog by clicking on the comments link.