Thank You!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the sale this past weekend. If you found something useful, spread the word!

All the money we made at the sale will be going into maintaining and upgrading our storage trailer.

Finally, feel free to leave a comment and give us your feedback about this program, or tell people about new ways we can shrink our environmental footprint!


Opening Sale

The trailers are overflowing! In order to clear out some space, we're having a big sale. Come early and get first pick of all the wonderful supplies. All proceeds will go back into 2nd Life. Bring supplies to donate too, if you have them!



2nd Life is a great resource and is one of RISD's ever-expanding recycling initiatives. Art supplies from all over campus and the community at large get a "second life" when they are brought to one of our centers. Come to us with any of your art supplies you no longer have use for, and in return take your pick from the eclectic and often surprisingly cool stash of great materials and supplies others have donated.